RUFFIANO INTERNATIONAL™ is here to bring you some of the best and widest range of products in the Fitness, Fashion & Firearm Holster Industry!!” It is what we like to call, #TheTripleFFFThreat™

Fitness Apparel, Fashion Accessories & Firearm Holsters!! The first in any of these industries to design & manufacture all of these products, In-House and made here in America!! All of our items are all Hand Made and the Craftsmanship is of Old European Quality.”
As we say, “Where Old World Meets New World Fashion”™

We are also very excited to be a dealer for the famous holster company, BUCHEIMER™ CLARK HOLSTERS!!

They have a brand new line of holsters, while still carrying the line of holsters for all the classic handguns, and accessories as well. This company has been around so long, that the old time, tough Detectives carried their guns in these holsters and so did the real Gangsters.
We like to think… If it worked for them, it will work for you!!





BUCHEIMER™ Holsters with a splash of color!!

December 11th, 2019|

People always say, "I need a holster that's functional, but I wish it looked like this, or I wish it looked like that." Now BUCHEIMER™ HOLSTERS and J.M. Bucheimer™ Since 1884, has a new line with vibrant colors as well as subdued colors. Just look below at the featured holster. A deep black leather for the shell of the [...]

Original Dirty Harry® Shoulder Holster… S&W .500

April 2nd, 2019|

Get ready for some facts... Jerry Ardolino founder of BUCHEIMER™ HOLSTERS, J.M. BUCHEIMER 1884 CO.™ and more; so much more that this blog would turn into a 16 hour commentary. (chuckling) So, here comes just a couple facts... Jerry Ardolino has come up with "actual" patterns and designs in the Holster Industry and has sold [...]

Bucheimer™ Holsters in Black for that S&W Model 29!!

August 2nd, 2018|

BUCHEIMER CLARK™  is one of the oldest companies around and is still in existence!! They have a line of holsters for all Big-Bore handguns, as well as accessories. We are happy to be a dealer for these awesome holsters, and the one we figured we'd blog about; is the is the one for the S&W [...]