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We are PROUD to offer you The Original J.M. BUCHEIMER CO.® 1884, BUCHEIMER™ Holsters, BUCHEIMER CLARK™ HOLSTERS & BUCHEIMER CLARK™ VALENCIA CALIFORNIA and BUCHEIMER CLARK™ L.A. CALIFORNIA HOLSTERS!!  We now have holsters for all K, L, and N Frames!!


 Please Note: NEW YORK STATE Customers, Please Contact  BUCHEIMER(TM) Co.
Exclusive NEW YORK STATE Authorized Dealer:
Malcolm D. LaFever, Inc.
“Exclusive Authorized BUCHEIMER(TM) Holsters &  Leather Police Equipt. Dealer Since 1995”

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Please Note: We do not supply codes on any holsters that were not purchased on our site.  We ask that you do not call or email us to see what gun will fit the holster you have. The reason for this is, there are thousands of model numbers, most of which, are no longer being used.  We are sorry for the inconvenience and look forward to serving you with a superior holster, and or any accessories you may need.  RUFFIANO INTERNATIONAL™

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Magnum Citizen™ 

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