Get ready for some facts… Jerry Ardolino is the owner J.M. BUCHEIMER 1884 CO.® and more; so much more that this blog would turn into a 16 hour commentary. (chuckling) So, here comes just a couple facts… Jerry Ardolino has come up with “actual” patterns and designs in the Holster Industry and has sold over 250,000 holsters for just one model; you guessed right… The S&W Model 29 6.5″ BBL. He has supplied more than 23 countries for over 44 years!! Being an EX Chicago Police officer, Military Advisor to a Diplomat, MIAMI; Lived the REAL MIAMI VICE LIFE, part of an SOG (Special Operations Group) group and more; he has the Real-World experience that very few in this industry have, and that’s what makes his holsters perfect for any application. Why? This is why; he himself has tested and worn these holsters in many different situations being in the field, on the streets, in multiple fights time and time again and testing during the rigorous process he puts every holster through. The Dirty Harry® Shoulder Holster is by far, one of the best shoulder holsters out there!! Not only are they fully functional under any taxing situation, but they are like a piece of artwork. Only the best leather, thread, craftsmanship and more are used when making these holsters. If you want plastic holsters, go to the toy isle. Every gun and owner deserves to have something to protect both, by a holster that will do that…

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“We have a large quantity of Original DIRTY HARRY® Shoulder Holsters we ordered some years ago, on a special contract order, as well as many we bought out from a large Oklahoma former dealer, who had many in-stock; all brand new with most gun sizes available: predominately 6.5 M29’s and 5″ 1911’s.” NOTE: *All holsters go through a final fitting using the real firearm it is intended to carry, therefor, delivery can be a few weeks. Own the Original, worn and written about as “Being the most comfortable I have ever tried for heavy guns”…by Elmer Keith–father of the
.44 Magnum cartridge, in Oct., 1978 GUNS & AMMO, making it Not  newbie “Gear of the Year”, but Classic “Gear of the 20th Century and Forever!”  And… no long wait!