So this is a piece of history and it was made by the famous, and still in existence; BUCHEIMER CLARK™ HOLSTER CO.!! This is a what you call a Sap and it is at least 60 years old. BUCHEIMER CLARK™ was not only known for their exceptional holsters, but also for their Sap’s, as well as other accessories. They have exceptional workmanship and the weight is balanced perfectly.

Alot of Police and Military used them, as well as gangsters. They are used to strike an individual in different areas of the body, and are a very serious weapon if used and trained with correctly. In fact, they are so affective, that in many cases can be lethal.

This one was confiscated at a certain club in South Texas a while back by myself. When I saw this and took possession, I looked at it and was in shock to find one this old and in this good of shape. After all, this shouldn’t be in the hands of the wrong person, so I did the responsible thing. (Chuckles) It has found another home, as I have my own personal collection of Sap’s and other goodies. The memories of getting it is good enough for me, and the new owner is happy to own this piece of history.

Stay tuned, as we are going to be sharing holsters, guns, knives and much more with you.