Made for ALL Semi-Auto, Large Frame Pistols (and NOW made for all Revolvers–any caliber, any make, any barrel length by Special Order.)–The S.T.U.™ can withstand any element your gun can. the S.T.U.™ is the ONLY ALL LEATHER Shoulder Holster and Harness in history that is 99.9% resistant to salt water, river algae, mud, sand, crime scene splatter– even open flame! The Unlined, 10oz., thick holster and harness are fully immersible in anti-bacterial soapy water, and fully washable with anti-bacterial liquid. Made from our Proprietary Exclusive “Element 119” Black Leather with the thickest leather harness in the world: 9 oz. The harness fits under your off-gun arm, but with NO discomfort due to S.T.U.™’s swivel principal. The harness moves with you it doesn’t bind against you. The S.T.U.™ utilizes chromed metal screw studs as fasteners and is almost infinitely adjustable. The S.T.U.’s™ EXCLUSIVE COOLING FINS at the bend of the Holster and WEEP HOLES at the back allow for water to be dumped quickly and fast cooling of your weapon after repeated firing. It is designed to be worn over dark-colored BDU’s, Raid Vests, Body Armor, or Heavy Fatigues; the leather is treated to bleed out slightly in order to constantly reject the element it comes in contact with. Therefore, it is designed with hard tactical use in mind. the S.T.U.™ is designed for use by Police & Military in underwater ops, heavy rainstorms, desert sand conditions, and with no concern under conditions where blood or other body fluids might come into contact with the holster or harness during a tough take-down or at a crime scene. Whether you pack a badge, or wear a patch from one of our Armed Forces, the S.T.U.™ is a piece of equipment you need.

Whether you carry an ARMALITE, AUTO-ORDNANCE, BERETTA, ED BROWN CUSTOM, BROWNING, COLT, CZ, DESERT EAGLE, FNH, GLOCK, HECKLER & KOCH, HIGH STANDARD, KIMBER, KORTH, LES BAER CUSTOM, MITCHELL’S CUSTOM, NIGHTHAWK, PARA USA, RUGER, SIG SAUER, SMITH & WESSON, SPRINGFIELD, STI, TAURUS, WALTHER, DAN WESSON, WILDEY, WILSON COMBAT or ANY other Large Frame, Police, Military or Defense Auto-Pistol — standard or customized, modern or vintage–Whether your gun is a 9mm, 9×19, .22LR, 5.7x28mm, .38SUPER, .357Mag, .357SIG, .40, .44Auto Mag, 10mm, .45 ACP, .45GAP, .50GI– RUFFIANO INTERNATIONAL™, aka R.I.A.A™ (RUFFIANO™ INTERNATIONAL ARMS ACCESSORIES)  makes the S.T.U.™ to YOUR EXACT GUN! Please click here for S.T.U.™ Prices.