For those of you who couldn’t make the American Fitness Expo 2018, here is a short video. We hope you enjoy it. There were all types of athletes and YouTuber’s there. People like Jerry Ward, Mike Rashid, Jay Cutler, Cass Martin, Strength Cartel, That1LegMONSTER & so many more!! Many apparel companies, supplement companies, TUFF Wraps etc. The Power House gym was a great experience & we think if you’re in Houston and need a gym to work out at, or to stop while traveling, this is definitely the definition of a raw gym. We hope you all enjoy the video and we are going to try to bring you more content on a regular basis. NOW GO LIFT!!

So, here I am on Thanksgiving, uploading a video for you guys. This was just an experiment with commentary. It’s a little rough, but it worked. I was tired Thursday and have alot going on, but I knew I had to get in there and get the job done. While I was in the gym, I figured hey, let’s shoot a video. Like anything, I’m seeing results with my editing, as well as in the gym… As long as I keep doing it. Don’t stop, don’t let people get in the way. Keep going. As we say in the NAVY, “Full Speed Ahead, Steady As She Goes” Do the same in or out of the gym. I hope you enjoy this video. Smash the like button & subscribe for giveaways coming soon!! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!

Featuring John Milo III – Nat’l Qualified Bodybuilder: Who is a great friend of mine and a great friend, mentor and more to many other people. John just turned Nationally Qualified last year and is an inspiration to anyone he is around. A true, genuine person, which is what the fitness industry needs more of.
Follow us and him to be a part of the UNITY we are forming for EVERYONE!! And besides…the dude is swole and moves some sick weight!! We hope you enjoy this video.
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Late Sunday night workout!! NO EXCUSES!! Decided to get in there and make it happen, then thought…”Why not shoot it.” So I did. I hope you guys enjoy the video. Tonight was back night. Not to intense, but the blood was flowing, had a fun time and got a video done.

Stay tuned for some new Athletic Apparel coming soon, as well as leather fashion, accessories and some Urban Leather Wear. We want to keep bringing you guys all we can at a great price, and where you get alot for your money.

Just a short video of friends getting a workout in!! No talking through this video, but I hope you enjoy it. If interested in any Apparel as shown in the video, visit the website down below and use the discount code DINO78_10 for a 10% discount off the entire purchase!! Next video…bigger discount! Stay tuned…and make sure to Subscribe. Thanks for watching. NOW GO LIFT!!

This weekend started off with the American Fitness Expo, with a surprise interview, with the one and only awesome John Milo III. A Pro Bodybuilder and great individual! Following that, was a trip to Christian Guzmans Alphalete Gym for his Summer Shredding 2017 finale party.
We met so many people from Christina Thome, Cassandra Martin, Kali Muscle, Tiny Meeker, John Milo III, Christian Guzman, Chris Jones owner of Pump Chasers and so many more. It was an epic weekend and we had a great time! We hope you all enjoy this video we put together. If you like it, hit the Like button and don’t forget to Subscribe!! NOW GO LIFT!!