People always say, “I need a holster that’s functional, but I wish it looked like this, or I wish it looked like that.” Now BUCHEIMER™ HOLSTERS and J.M. Bucheimer™ Since 1884, has a new line with vibrant colors as well as subdued colors. Just look below at the featured holster. A deep black leather for the shell of the holster, a vibrant red suede lining and white stitching!! No one in the holster industry has captured functionality and with style, as much as them. So if you want something like this, and with a Transferrable Lifetime Warranty, (which they were the first in the industry to do); then this is the legendary brand you need to carry your friend in. Not to mention if you are, or ever were Police, Military, Firefighter, Medical personal or First Responder; RUFFIANO INTERNATIONAL™ gives an automatic 10% off. Thanks for your time reading this blog and stay tuned for other blogs relating Firearms Accessories, Fashion Accessories, Fitness Apparel, becoming an Entrepreneur and more.