The Shang Pirate Legacy by: Jerry Ardolino

The Shang Pirate Legacy by: Jerry Ardolino


The Shang Pirate Legacy: The 21st Century Battle For Boss of the 18th Century Pirate Triad of The Historical Chinese Junk Ning Po



The SHANG PIRATE LEGACY is a work of historical fiction; that differs from that genre in that it is quite accurate in telling the history of the Chinese Junk Ning Po. The author uncovered many facts unknown to anyone about that pirate ship by his ability and good fortune in obtaining very old diaries and notes from people who were aboard her. There have been only 2 small newspaper columns ever written about the Ning Po. SHANG PIRATE LEGACY is the first book; an in-depth look into the ship’s history and it’s crew whose ancestors today are members of a real triad.

The SHANG PIRATE LEGACY is in the following Nautical  Museum library permanent collections:
– The Catalina Island Museum,
Catalina Island , CA
– The Los Angeles Maritime Museum
San Pedro, CA
– The Newport Harbor Nautical Museum,
Newport Beach , CA
– The San Francisco Maritime Park
J.Porter Shaw library
San Francisco, CA

Editorial Reviews

THE SHANG PIRATE LEGACY… Jerry Ardolino knows violence first hand and writes it well. You’ll find this an exciting read. — Jerry Ahern – Gun World Magazine

Jerry Ardolino…articulate…intense…His new novel, The Shang Pirate Legacy is a crime thriller that ranges from Oriental antiquity to the 21st century. — Las Vegas Weekly

About the Author

Jerry Ardolino, author of the fact-based fiction: THE SHANG PIRATE LEGACY also writes non-fiction, true crime. His first book: EXTREME COP: CHICAGO PD was shown and quoted in the editorial section of PLAYBOY and has received numerous reviews and publicity. THE SHANG PIRATE LEGACY is Jerry s first fictional novel.

Jerry is well-qualified to write a novel about triad gangs, violence and global crime and as you will see herein: he is a true renaissance man and possesses something every writer of fiction needs: first-hand knowledge and experiences in many facets of different ways of life.

Jerry is an Ex-Chicago Police Officer who served approximately 5 years in the Chicago Police Department. He had the wildest, most violent career in the history of that which means, he s the wildest, most violent cop in the history of the world.

Jerry graduated the Chicago Police Academy in 1973, attended Chicago City College on a U.S. Department of Justice grant studying Behavioral Science and Law and graduated the nationally recognized combined Police Science/Criminology Program of the Chicago Police Training Division and Northwestern University. There is also a lot more to this author than knowing how to handle blue steel, rough-up tough criminals, fast-swing a baton and a wheel a fast squad car. While on the department he became an arms and munitions dealer as well as a police and military leathergoods manufacturer. His business grew to large proportions in the first six months and he made the decision to leave the department. He branched off into the western leather business shortly thereafter and in the 1980’s formed a separate company dealing in antiques, rare books, antique, swords, and continuing a tradition: fine jewelry. He is a recipient of the prestigious GIA Diamonds Certificate.


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