EXTREME COP by: Jerry Ardolino

EXTREME COP by: Jerry Ardolino


EXTREME COP: CHICAGO PD: The True Story of the Wildest, Most Violent Cop in the History of the World



Editorial Reviews

It’s an amazing story…it is a tough book…some very interesting observations…an interesting kind of take on the mob and the police department. You really capture that era of your years as a policeman effectively and chillingly…there are some tough scenes…this book has generated a lot of interest from magazines…it would make some movie…EXTREME COP: CHICAGO PD, The True Story of the Wildest, Most Violent Cop in the History of the Chicago Police. Jerry, it’s a remarkable job! You’re a good writer among other things…” —RICK KOGAN, CHICAGO TRIBUNE Book Critic and Host of CHICAGO TRIBUNE SUNDAY PAPERS Show, WGN RADIO

“Not long ago, Chicago Mobsters made Vegas their home. Nowadays, that’s pretty much over. There’s a ‘new gun’ in town, livin’ in Las Vegas though; he’s known as the Extreme Cop and he’s sharing his story in this book and it is a pretty wild one.” —DAVE HALL, News Anchor, FOX 5 T.V. NEWS LIVE IN LAS VEGAS

“There have been many Chicago cops who have committed violent acts. Some have wounded or killed criminals in questionable shootings. Some have been drug dealers and pimps and many were burglars. But, none of them ran even close to me in all-around violent acts, dangerous car chases on a regular basis (some at 130 in heavy traffic), maniacal behavior during arrests, the torturing of criminals, the rule violations–which nobody had the balls to commit–and unprecedented civil rights violations all on an almost daily basis.” —Editorial Section, May 2007 PLAYBOY

From the Publisher

EXTREME COP:CHICAGO PD is the TRUE STORY of JERRY ARDOLINO, the wildest, most violent cop in the history of the Chicago Police Department and that would mean: in the history of the world. JERRY ARDOLINO is the book’s author and it is the first true, full-length on-going story about the Chicago Police written by an insider. It has never been done before. JERRY’S spree of violence and wired behavior; his enjoyment of engaging in fast outlaw acts almost every hour of duty lasted nearly five years. It has never happened before and could never happen again. The language is very strong; his erotic and sexual encounters with hot, beautiful willing women are “meltdown-level”; his partners’ street-sex encounters with female beauties are raw and real; and the violence is as graphic as it gets in print.This is not a “tell all” complaint book. On the contrary,EXTREME COP: CHICAGO PD glorifies the violent ways of the Chicago Police; you experience “living” JERRY’S ways of fast violence; fast driving; the heavy partying; the breaking open of constitutional law to suit each case and the breaking of criminals’ skulls and body parts. Jerry wrote most of EXTREME COP: CHICAGO PD in 1999 and completed it on through the millennium. Word got out in literary circles and recent works were attempted by others; nothing one can’t glean from newspapers and–they don’t contain ARDOLINO’s story. Nobody has ever given you the REAL inside stories of the Chicago Police. A Gritty and stylishly-written TRUE STORY taking you: inside the violent acts, bloody nights, massive and lightning-fast destruction of property and people. You feel the wet heat of an erotic female cop’s sexual acts; the cold steel of JERRY’s Magnum; the hard hits of his police baton: JERRY ARDOLINO is ALL REAL.


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