From The Original BUCHEIMER CLARK™ CO.  This is The Original Dirty Harry® II MAGNUM CITIZEN™ .  Much like the Original Dirty Harry® shoulder holster, except there is no need for a belt!! The picture shown is for a S&W Model 29 6-6 1/2″ BBL.  This holster however, features lining and no spring like the Original Dirty Harry® shoulder holster from the films. This holster has stitching around the entire holster.  NO Belt needed to wear!!  Has Exclusive Swivel-Comfort™ Harness!!  The workmanship in this holster is, we believe, some of the best quality out there.  This holster will surely change the minds of any gun owner, that wants to carry a Big-Bore revolver around in style, and most importantly… In comfort!!  We have them for all K, L, and N Frames.  If you order this holster, please place a note at checkout if it is another model gun.  Make sure to include Make, Model Caliber and Barrel length.   No long delivery!! 2-3 week ship out!! BUCHEIMER CLARK™ has it’s own production line.  NOW GO SHOOT™!!