BUCHEIMER CLARK™  is one of the oldest companies around and is still in existence!! They have a line of holsters for all Big-Bore handguns, as well as accessories. We are happy to be a dealer for these awesome holsters, and the one we figured we’d blog about; is the is the one for the S&W Model 29 for ALL BARREL LENGTHS!! It comes in Black and brown, has a suede lining, heavy duty stitching all the way around and also offers a safety strap. It also has a double stitch on the inside of the border stitch. It can be worn With or Without a belt.  The best part… They are In Stock and Ready to Ship!! No long delivery!! So if you want a great holster to protect your gun, yourself, something that is reliable; this is definitely the holster for you. Keep coming back for more blogs on Fitness Apparel, Fashion Accessories & Firearm Holsters.