RUFFIANO INTERNATIONAL™ is proud to say, that we now offer Hand-Tooled items… That’s right… All by hand!!  We will be offering Wallets, Holsters, Belts & more all Hand-Tooled!!  We also offer monogramming if you want that as well.  Most of the time when you walk in a store, you see floral patterns and such, as well as other designs engraved in the leather.  Most of what you’re looking at is rolled with a metal plate that they call “Tooling”… Ours is Hand-Tooled with an assortment of carving knives and tools.  So if you want something unique, which it is, because no two items will ever be the same; check us out.  We believe in quality, quality that you can’t get that easily anymore.  Alright guys, we will see you soon.