Now here and In Stock, a holster from one of the most famous, & still in existence companies around; BUCHEIMER™ CLARK HOLSTERS!! So, let’s get to it… Everyone who has a big bore gun, wants something to carry it in and at the same time, wants it to be comfortable… Key word COMFORTABLE. Thanks to this company, you now have everything you need in one package… Reliability, comfort, safety & literally beauty. These are a piece of art!! As the picture shows, you can now get from us The Original Dirty Harry® II™ Magnum Citizen™, for a S&W Model 29 for your 4″ barrel. They make them for all barrel lengths & also for K, L & N frames. Pick one up and enjoy the comfort that you should with your big gun, and be able to carry it concealed. We hope you like this blog and Stay Tuned for more!! Until then, be safe, go shoot and have fun.