We are so excited here at RUFFIANO INTERNATIONAL™ /”RI”™ Athletics. We have a new Fitness Apparel launch with stuff for Men and Women, and it’s hitting real soon!! We not only have the Fitness & Bodybuilding line, we have a Firearms Accessory line coming out. I’m going to hit you guys with what I call the Triple “FFF” threat, which has never been done by one person or company ever before… Firearms Holsters, Fashion Accessories & Fitness Apparel!! We have leather for your guns, fitness apparel for the gym goer, bodybuilder, crossfit, or just your everyday person who wants to stay healthy, & fashion accessories for everyone. The one thing we all have is common, is that we all want to look nice in the gym and feel good.  Whether your inside the gym or outside the gym, you will be able to shop with us, and have one of the biggest varieties to choose from in Fitness Apparel industry. So, now you can buy a bracelet, a gym shirt & a holster for your gun at the sames place… RUFFIANO INTERNATIONAL™!! We not only are starting a great adventure, we are the originals who brought Real Adventure to the fitness industry. Items ranging from leather bracelets, holsters, fitness apparel, urban apparel, Leather ID cases to key chains/key fobs!! Everything is made by hand, in our facility, other than the Famous BUCHEIMER CLARK™ Holsters.  We look forward to continuing this Adventure with you & thank you so much for your support.