Now here & In Stock… A shoulder holster for your 1911!! BUCHEIMER CLARK™ makes an awesome holster for that great piece of history, that you choose to make part of your EDC. They offer a shoulder holster in black or brown & anywhere from sub-compact to compact, and all the way up to 6″ barrels. They have a holster that will fit ANY 1911 frame or any other .45 caliber gun for that matter. We are happy that RUFFIANO INTERNATIONAL™ & there new brand (R.I.A.A.™, RUFFIANO™ INTERNATIONAL ARMS ACCESSORIES),  will also be offering Firearm Accessories & Accessories for your AK-47, Gun Cases and much more!! We love leather, we love making items by hand, and we absolutely love to offer the consumer, something original & well-made at a great price. These items will be launching soon, so stay tuned!!