We literally sell some of the Best holsters made by one of the best companies around… BUCHEIMER CLARK™!! New to this line, The Original Dirty Harry® Magnum Citizen II™ for Glocks!! That’s right, for all Glocks!! Any caliber, barrel length and will fit with all those awesome tactical modifications you’ve done to your gun; BUCHEIMER CLARK™ has a holster for it.

For years certain individuals from elite groups like Navy Seals, Green Berets, Army Rangers, U.S. Marines, Parajumpers, Homeland Security, FBI, British SAS, and more individuals in agencies and Special Operators than that, have and still do carry a shoulder holster, and BUCHEIMER™ HOLSTERS is one of the companies who has supplied these individuals.

There’s a lot to be said when it comes to leather for your firearm. Reliability, comfort, ease of movement when in a pressing situation, firearm safety, less wear and tear on your weapon and so much more!! You need to carry the right firearm for the job, that’s your tool, but you also need the right holster for the job, which is your other tool. Both go hand in hand, and we believe, as many others do, that BUCHEIMER CLARK™ has the tools you need to get the job done the right way. THE ORIGINAL! From the real BUCHEIMER™ & BUCHEIMER CLARK™–The Classic Cop & Military Holsters, as well as a “NEW BREED” for today’s Handgunners!!